November 23, 2015 @ 03:39 PM

【Meet The Model】Ardavan Farzi 肌肉男精灵

Ardavan 最大的特点就是有着一双精灵的耳朵,教人过目难忘。

01 / 起床后第一件事会做什么?

02/ 几岁初吻?

03/ 有生之年最想做的事是?

04/ 你最喜欢的运动是?

05/ 你一周的运动量通常如何安排?


06/ 运动时你怎么推动自己?

07/ 你通常会透过什么样的食物达到增肌效果?

08/ 如何在镜头前感觉良好?

09/ 雕塑身上脂肪的最有效的方法是?


10/ 你最喜欢的香氛是?

11/ 你最害怕什么?

12/ 你的性幻想是?

01/ what's your first thing to do when you wake up?

The first thing I do in morning it's usually making some coffee or tea as breakfast is my favorite meal.

02/ when was your first kiss?
It was when I was 12.

03/ what do you want to do before you die?
Try and visit all places and cultures in the world.

04/ do you have a favorite sport?
Yes, break dance and cross fit are my favourite.

05/ what's your weekly exercise routine?
I workout 4 to 6 times a week and try to focus on one or two muscle everyday and cardio in a separate section in morning.

06/ how do you push yourself further during exercise?
Music and my goal of life.

07/ do you have any food preference to increase muscle mass?

My favorite dish of eggs white ,mushroom,brocoli,black beans mix up.

08/ what's your trick to feeling comfortable in front of the camera?
Being comfortable in front of camera will need long experience even experienced models and actors/actress will need to have trick for themselves , I usually trying to making jokes and having fun while my shootings.

09/ what is your quick-method to sculpt your body in case of excess fat?
Exercise daily and stay happy.

10/ do you have a favorite fragrance?
When it comes to memorable fragrance is smell of the school times and my moms food.

11/ what scares you?

What scare me is to die weak and unknown.

12/ what's your sexual fantasy?
I like it with concept and uniforms.

Instagram :@ardavanfarzi
height :186cm
weight :82
agency: ML models Malaysia

text,interview & layout design by Kenny Chan 陈默汎

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